Volunteer Screening and Monitoring Procedures

The safety and welfare of the children and young adults with disabilities who take part in KEEN's activities are of paramount concern to us.

In order to safeguard the children and to ensure the involvement of outstanding volunteers, KEEN uses the following procedures:

  1. KEEN volunteers shall never be alone with athletes in an unsupervised setting.
  2. First-time volunteers over 21 years of age may be asked to show government-issued identification before volunteering.
  3. All volunteers are subject to a search in national child offender registries and/or reference checks completed by the relevant KEEN affiliate, upon or before their third time volunteering.
  4. Volunteers must provide 2 adult references as part of the application process.
  5. KEEN does not accept new walk-in volunteers unless they are accompanied by a current volunteer, are part of a registered group of volunteers, or complete the required paperwork on-site.
  6. KEEN reserves the right to terminate a volunteer for any reason. All of the organization’s decisions regarding a volunteer’s participation shall be made on a non-discriminatory basis and without regard to race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and/or national origin. For more details, view our Privacy of Athlete and Volunteer Information Policy