Coaches Committee

Coaches Committee membersThe Coaches Committee is an integral part of the KEEN organization.  It is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who want to make a significant impact on KEEN St Louis, its athletes, their parents and the volunteers.  Members will assist the Program Manager and Program Coordinator in ensuring Sunday programs run smoothly and safely.

While acting as a member of the Coaches Committee, the coaches wear a designated KEEN t-shirt identifying themselves as someone a volunteer, athlete or parent can approach with questions or concerns.  Members may not be paired with an athlete, if they do not have an athlete they would work to help all the athletes have the best time possible and help volunteers have successful coaching experiences.

Roles and Responsibilities
New Volunteer Mentors: 

  • Train new volunteers prior to the start of a session; Assist in creating new training materials
  • Work with these volunteers to make sure they are comfortable in their role and feel supported and encouraged throughout the sessions
  • Follow up with new volunteers after session to get show appreciation/get feedback and to get them signed up for another session

Check-In Administrators:

  • Check-in volunteers (and ID check) and athletes, hand out name tags and profile sheets
  • Introduce athlete to volunteer after athlete/parent checks in
  • Ask parents to fill out check-out form if leaving during the session

Gym Floor Monitors:

  • Manage Equipment
    • Get equipment out before session
    • Put equipment away after session
    • Make note of damaged items
    • Assist with repairing equipment if necessary
  • Circulate gym floor during session
    • help new volunteers with athlete
    • organize activities (i.e., parachute)
    • take kids to bathroom
  • Assist with Prouds and Hokey Pokey at session’s end

Transition Coordinators:

  • Ensure no athlete is left alone between/after sessions
    • If coach needs to leave, stay with athlete until parent arrives
    • Take athlete to new coach for next session
    • Take athlete to next session or location if necessary

KEEN Advocates:

  • Represent KEEN St Louis by telling our story: encouraging people to volunteer/ become an athlete
  • Participate in fundraising opportunities: planning and attending events
  • Meet, as needed, to discuss opportunities to improve the Coaches Committee Program